Our Story

Where do I begin? I fell in love with horses as a little girl of about 8 years old, like so many of us do. I remember playing “Horsy Horsy” with my friends in the schoolyard, using our school ties as reins and building jumps in amongst the thorn trees. Many were the days I went home with thorns stuck in odd places. My best friend Tansy lived on a horse farm and I went home with her every day after school. The very first horse I ever rode was a huge Shire named Ivan; the gentle giant we called him. That was me, I was hooked. I had dreams of becoming the next Gonda Beatrix. I rode on and off for many years after that.

Sadly, I never did follow in Gonda’s footsteps but my passion for horses has never wavered. I grew up, got a job and had children. All the things that normal people do and my riding days seemed far behind me. A distant memory relegated to the life of the little girl that I no longer was.

A couple of years ago a very good friend of mine invited me to come see her new horse. I thought it would make for a fun afternoon. Needles to say I was back in the saddle quicker than my husband could whip out his cheque book. With my children all grown up I spent all my free time at the stables and very soon thereafter I bought a horse and the rest as they say is history.

Starting riding again after many years I realised that many of us, me included are not naturally born to the saddle as they say. We have to work really hard to accomplish what others might find comes naturally. So when my business partner Brett and I started this business, it was very clear to me that the focus of our business was to create products that would assist both rider and horse in making those everyday tasks easier, allowing for a more enjoyable riding experience. From there many other products have evolved and our brand is growing every day. We are so excited to be doing something we love for a living and finally making that dream a reality. We take great pride in watching the Catherine Queiroz Collection brand as it grows into a brand recognised for supporting and inspiring riders everywhere in reaching their goals and nurturing their passion.