Flexileg Stirrup Leathers - Adult Black
  • Flexileg Stirrup Leathers - Adult Black

Flexileg Stirrup Leathers - Adult Black

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The Flexileg Stirrup Leathers are a training aid to assist the rider with:

  • Attaining a balanced seat that is centred with legs that stretch down and flush with the horses’ side.
  • For the practice of sitting trot without the need to remove the stirrups.
  • To reduce the impact on your joints especially the knees. Encourages you to stop your feet slipping out of the stirrup and encourage your heels to stretch down.


Nylon based stirrup leather. Stitched soft leather face. Stainless steel buckle. Elastic Insert.

How to

Use in place of standard stirrup leathers. How to adjust: fit at normal riding length.

Be careful when mounting as the elastic will stretch when you put your weight in the stirrup. Once mounted, put your weight in the stirrup and shorten the leather until your resting foot is at a full gentle stretch without standing in the stirrups.

WARNING: use with caution. Always check the elastic on your stirrup leather before mounting for wear and tear. These stirrup leathers do not come with a safety strap because of where they are positioned on the saddle.

Daily Care:

Wipe down your stirrup leathers with a damp clean cloth after use. Keep your tack in a dry cool place. Check the elastic on your stirrup leathers before each ride to ensure they are not worn or frayed. The Flexileg stirrup leathers do not have a safety strap because of the positioning of the stirrup leather next to your leg. Extra care needs to be taken at all times to ensure they are in good working order. 

Weekly Care:

Your Flexileg stirrup leathers are a combination of leather and elastic and each has to be taken care of in a different way. Carefully follow the care instructions for both these materials.

Leather Material

  1. Using a good quality saddle soap, gently wash away any dirt and grime. Rinse with warm water and let the leather dry. Once dry apply a good quality leather conditioner or oil to the leather with a clean cloth or sponge. Let it soak into the leather. Do not get the conditioner or oil on the elastic. Choose a soap and conditioner with as few chemical ingredients as possible as chemicals often have the opposite effect drying out the leather.

Elastic Material

  1. To clean the elastic part of your Flexileg stirrup leather simply wipe with a damp clean cloth to remove any dust or grime. Do not get any oil or soap on the elastic.


  1. Always inspect your Flexileg stirrup leathers for wear and tear or fraying before each use.
  2. Do not use your Flexileg stirrup leathers for any purpose other than the prescribed use.
  3. Do not leave your Flexileg stirrup leathers in the hot sun or a hot car as this can damage the integrity of the elastic and weaken it.
  4. Remember to interchange your Flexileg stirrup leathers weekly to avoid uneven stretching from mounting and dismounting on one side.

Size Adult
Dimensions 160cm x 2.8cm
Weight 350g
Colour Black

Do you struggle like I do to keep your seat centred and balanced?

It is a very frustrating thing and when I am off balance, I fall back on my hands and this sets off a chain reaction. The more I bounce around in the saddle like a sack the more agitated and unbalanced my horse becomes and the more unbalanced I become, it’s a vicious circle. Any rhythm I might have attained is out the window and let’s not even talk about my seat. But there is a way to practice getting your seat balanced and centred.

With the use of Flexileg Stirrup Leathers you will find that your seat is now balanced and centred with your legs stretching down and long, flush to your horses’ sides. Your forward aids will be correct automatically. You will be more relaxed and balanced and as you are balanced your horse will be calmer and balanced.

Another great use for the Flexileg Stirrup Leathers is to assist with reducing the impact to your joints, specifically your knees if you suffer from aches and pains.

They are also great to practice your sitting trot without feeling unbalanced. Because your legs are long and flush with the horses sides and your heels can stretch down and become natural shock absorbers. This helps to reduce the push that pops you out of the saddle.

Last but not least, if you struggle with your feet slipping out of the stirrup all the time, the Flexileg Stirrup leathers will help to keep your feet from coming out of the stirrup and encourage your heels to stretch down.

Please remember that the Flexileg Stirrup Leathers are a training aid and should be used under supervision and in a safe enclosed environment. Remember, riding a horse bares risks and you should be sensible and careful at all times. It bears mentioning that the Flexileg Stirrup Leathers do not have a safety mechanism because of their placement. So extra caution should be used and instructions on care should be followed carefully.


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