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Catherine Queiroz Featured Selection

The Catherine Queiroz Collection of products was created to assist both rider and horse in making those every day tasks easier. These are just three of our top selected products essential for every horse and rider.

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Our Story

Kate's Horse

Where do I begin? I fell in love with horses as a little girl of 8 like so many of us do. I remember playing “Horsy Horsy” with my friends in the schoolyard, using our school ties as reins and building jumps in amongst the thorn trees. Many were the days I went home with thorns stuck in odd places. My best friend Tansy lived on a horse farm and I went home with her every day after school. The very first horse I ever rode was a huge Shire named Ivan; he was a gentle giant. Come to think of it, maybe that's why I love big chunky horses. I had dreams of becoming the next Gonda Beatrix.

Sadly, I never did follow in Gonda’s footsteps but my passion for horses has never wavered. I grew up, got a job and had children. All the things that normal people do and my riding days seemed far behind me. A distant memory relegated to the life of the little girl that I no longer was.

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  • “The Milis Stretch Reins are by far one of our most popular pieces. They are leaving the warehouse almost as fast as we manufacture them. Riders are ecstatic with the results they are getting!”
    Susan James, Warehouse Manager
  • “We use Milis reins on all our school ponies. It helps reduce the pulling on their mouths that is par for the course with beginner riders. It also helps me see exactly how the students are holding their reins, too firmly or not firmly enough.”
    Jolene, Riding Instructor
  • “For so long I have struggled with the length of my reins. Trying to keep the contact and 'feel' my horse’s mouth… Well I finally know what it is supposed to feel like with the Milis Flexireins.”
    Caitlin Kotze